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Pokanoket Wampanoag Tribal Clans


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Generally, Most Native American tribes use the term "clan" to denote a family type relationship.  With the Pokanoket Wampanoag tribe, we utilize the term to signify a tribal member or members associated with a designated talent or ability to help support the tribe.

The below listed clans can easily be applicable to our lives, during these present times, and most everyone can see traits within these clans that can be found within themselves. Can you see which clan that would best suit you, after reading their descriptions?

BEAR CLAN - Medicine - When a child was growing up and if he or she liked to pick wildflowers or weeds to bring home to their mother, then the mother would teach them about every type offlora, plant, herb, tree, berry, fruit, or root.  These children would be placed into the Bear Clan, becoming the healers of the tribe.

DEER CLAN - Provider - When a child was growing up and if a boy was observed shooting arrows at imaginary targets, while pretending to hunt wild animals, or if a girl voluntarily kept herself busy by lending a hand with gardening, cooking, cleaning, or some other similar task. These children would be placed into the Deer Clan, being taught to be hunters, gatherers, and providers of the tribe.

SNIPE CLAN - Builder - The Snipe was considered to be a very industrious bird which inhabited the surrounding marshlands, where it would be busy collecting sticks to build its nests.  When a child was growing up and they were observed to always be gathering supplies and other materials to construct  objects, tools, buildings, or other useful items.  These children would be placed into the Snipe Clan, due to their ability to gather and create things.

TURTLE CLAN - Wisdom and Knowledge of the People - When a child was growing up and they were observed as always being quiet, as if they were meditating, and they would always ask questions of their parents and the elders regarding the world, life, personal relationships, spiritual matters, and the nature of things.  These children would be placed into the Turtle Clan, to be taught about the ways of a Powwas or spiritual leader of the tribe.

WOLF CLAN - Leaders and Education - When a child was growing up and they were observed taking the initiative to be a leader in any or all of their activities, setting the pace and organizing their activities with other children.  These children would be placed into the Wolf Clan, to be taught about the ways of education and about leadership roles for the tribe.




July 2014

Summer Social 2014

We will be holding a summer family social in July 2014, at Mountain Hill Road, North Grosvenordale, Connecticut.  The event will be a potluck social, where various ceremonies and events will be performed.  It will be an enjoyable time for those who are able to attend.

More information will be made available soon about this event.




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