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The Pokanoket Tribe


 Who are the Pokanoket?
(pronounced poe - kah - noe - kit )

Pokanoket is a tribe of Native Americans who trace their their lineage back thousands of years beyond the colonial days of the United States of America. We trace our ancestry through the bloodlines and the written and oral history of our people. We are the people of Massasoit Ousamequin, Massasoit Wamsutta, and Massasoit Metacom. We are Philip's people, the people of Metacom. We are the people who celebrated the First Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims in 1621. We are the people who have endured much and who have returned, after a long journey through history to the present day and continue to look forward to the future.

Pokanoket is also a Nation. The Nation of Tribes you may have heard of referred to as Wampanoag ( pronounced wahm - peh - noe - ahg ) was known to our ancestors as the Pokanoket Nation. The Pokanoket Nation, also known as the Pokanoket Confederacy or Pokanoket Country, was comprised of a multitude of Tribes. (Refer to our Tribal Lands and Native Communities page) Each Tribe was comprised of Bands and Villages and the Pokanoket Tribe was the Headship of the Pokanoket Nation.

Pokanoket is also our home. Prior to the time of the pilgrim's arrival in Plymouth, which used to be Patuxet, the realm of the Pokanoket included portions of Rhode Island and much of southeastern Massachusetts, including the surrounding islands around Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.

The Pokanoket social organization developed in a manner that differed from neighboring Native American Tribes, since Pokanoket was more socially structured and layered, as well as more politically complex.

Unique to the Pokanoket Tribe were the spirtual and military elite, know as the Pineese (Pineese Warrior), who protected and served the Massasoit (Great Leader). They are the spiritual guardians of Pokanoket Nation.

Pokanoket believed seven to be the perfect number of completeness, for we still believe in the Seven Spirits of the Creator.  Those beliefs are as follows:

God is the Principle Source of all Good

God is the Mind of Divine Supreme Intellegence

God is the Constant Capacity of Understanding

God is Spiritual Goodness

God is Life, the Eternal Action of Goodness

God is Truth itself

God is Love, the Infinite Perfection


Pokanoket Wampanoag Character


The stature that the true Pokanoket / Wampanoag strived for had many ingredients.  Some of these character traits are as follows:

Patience - Which is walking with our Creator. When our own agenda takes precedence, we become blinded by our own greed, not walking in balance with our Creator causing a selfish act.

Kindness - Love in action.

Generosity - Selfless giving without competition of good deeds for others.

Humility - Unconditional love that is not puffed-up.

Courtesy - Action of love in society using proper etiquette; for politeness is a key to love.

Unselfishness - Love that is not self-motivated, but giving endlessly.

Good Temper - Love always looking for a smoother course.

Guilelessness - Love not taking into account any injury by word or deed.

Sincerity - Love that rejoices in the Truth. If we endeavor to adopt an attitude of these ingredients, we will in reality be an instrument for our Creator, the Almighty, as our ancestors were. The very foundation of Pokanoket is Love. Our ancestors knew that we first had to love the Creator and all that was created, also, that when we loved ourselves we could love others. Most important was our relationship with the Great Spirit who created us from Love, for our Creator is Love.

Now knowing our character that we strive to be like, our path of life is to be walked in gentleness with respect and dignity for all plant, animal, and human life that begins at the moment of conception.




July 2014

Summer Social 2014

We will be holding a summer family social in July 2014, at Mountain Hill Road, North Grosvenordale, Connecticut.  The event will be a potluck social, where various ceremonies and events will be performed.  It will be an enjoyable time for those who are able to attend.

More information will be made available soon about this event.




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Welcome to the Council of Seven / Royal House of Pokanoket / Pokanoket Tribe / Wampanoag Nation


We are of the Pokanoket Tribe of the Wampanoag Nation.

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Any and all information contained within this website is true to the oral and written history of our people.

Peace be unto you, who visit this website, and may the Great Creator watch over you and your loved ones.

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